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Tongji- TU Graz Workshop on Advances on Autonomes Driving

Time:December 12, 2022          Browse:

On December 10th the Sino-German Center on Intelligent Systems (CDZIS) hosted the first hybrid event for scientific exchange between Tongji University and of its partners in Europe. The workshop held on site at Jiading including online contributions from TU Graz focused on current research advances in the area of automated driving.

Doctoral candidate YAN Jun's talk highlighted examples how adversarial attacks can influence the security and safety of autonomous vehicles. Different Approaches and possible solutions to physical as well as cyber-attacks were presented.


Next to deliberate attacks also unfavourable environmental situations challenge the performance of autonomous vehicles. Doctoral Candidates LIN Jia's talk included current methods to increase the 3D object detection in snowfall scenarios. Discussed approaches include alternative training methods and the role of multi-modal sensor fusion.


One contribution from Max Roenecker, doctoral candidate of TU Graz expounded the current concept of using dynamic occupancy grids in the area of environment perception. Highlighting the current approach to combine static occupancy grids with dynamic particle filters to create a robust dynamic map of the scene is an ongoing field of research in the field.


The workshop participants further discussed the research topics during the breaks and workshop diner on-site. Further similar workshops with International partners are planned for the next semester.

Written by ZHANG Hao

Photographed by WANG Yunjiao

Pre:Isokinetic technologies for research and rehabilitation by Professor Antonio Cicchella

Next:Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System and its Applications by Professor H. K. Lam


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