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Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System and its Applications by Professor H. K. Lam

Time:November 22, 2022          Browse:

On November 17, 2022, the 44th Zhi·Xin Forum was held online. from King's College London was invited to give a talk titled “Interval Type-2 Fuzzy System and its Applications”.

First, Prof. H. K. Lam introduced the basic concepts and fundamental working principles of fuzzy logic systems through an example of vehicle driving. Then, the differences, advantages and disadvantages between type 1 fuzzy systems, type 2 fuzzy systems, and interval type 2 fuzzy systemswere discussed. Further, some practical applications based on fuzzy rules were presented, including control of mobile robots, robotic soccer games, and anesthesia medication management. In addition, Prof. H. K. Lam introduced some practical applications of fuzzy model-based control, such as inverted pendulum systems, bolt-fastening applications, and applications of continuum manipulator. Finally, Prof. H. K. Lam analyzed the advantages and implications of interval type 2 fuzzy models and modeling approaches.

After the talk,Prof. H. K. Lam exchanged views with teachers and students on issues related tointerval type-2 fuzzy system. The talk further expanded the research horizons of our students and enhanced their understanding and knowledge of interval type-2 fuzzy system andits applications.

Written by Zhang Hao

Photographed by Wang Yunjiao

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