Research and Education Institutes

National levels

  • National High Performance Computer Engineering Technology Research Center

  • National Research Center of Facility Agricultural Engineering Technology

  • National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

  • Computer and information technology teaching experimental center

Ministry levels

  • Key Laboratory of embedded system and service computing, Ministry of Education

  • Cyberspace International Governance Research Base

  • National integrated circuit talent training base

  • National linux software technology training and Promotion Center

  • Enterprise digital technology engineering research center of Ministry of Education

  • Research Center for online cooperation in facility agriculture, Ministry of Education

  • Science and technology achievements transformation and technology transfer base of the Ministry of Education

Shanghai municipality levels

  • Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center

  • Shanghai e-commerce and information service Collaborative Innovation Center

  • Shanghai Industrial visual perception and intelligent computing Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Shanghai Network Information Service Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Shanghai Blockchain Application Service Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Shanghai Maglev and rail transit Collaborative Innovation Center

  • Shanghai Electric Vehicle Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Shanghai visual perception technology innovation service platform

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