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Computer Science and Technology(081200)

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I、Brief Introduction

Now, the discipline of Computer Science and Technology in Tongji University has established primary discipline doctoral programs and post-doctoral research stations and become one of the key disciplines under 985 Projects and 211 Projects of the Ministry of Education of China. In the evaluation run by the Ministry of Education in 2012, it ranked the 12th, which was the top 10% among the 120 institutions involved. In 2017, the discipline was rated as class (A) discipline in the assessment by the Ministry of Education.

The discipline owns a high-level research and teaching team with a reasonable structure, including 51 doctoral supervisors and 70 master supervisors. Among them, there are two (2) Fellow of The Royal Academy (lecture professor), eight (8) winners of One Thousand Talent Plan, three (3) IEEE Fellows, three (3) winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (including overseas ones), two (2) Chief Scientists of 973 Project, one (1) Young Scholars of the Yangtze River, one (1) National Distinguished University Teacher, one (1) winner of One Hundred Talent Plan of Chinese Academy of Science. In addtion,there are New Century Excellent Talents in University of China, Award Winners of Young University Teachers in the Ministry of Education ,Shanghai Leading Talents, Shanghai Dawn Scholars, Shanghai Eastern Scholars, Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Star Scholars, Shanghai Pujiang Scholars, Shanghai Dawn Project Scholars , Shanghai Distinguished University Teachers, Excellent Innovative Research Team of Ministry of Education of China, National Teaching Team and so on.

The discipline has already developed five major special research directions: Software and Information Service, Sensation and Embedded Systems, Network and Distributed Computing, Cognition and Intelligent Information Processing, Simulation and Multimedia Processing. The research goes together with teaching and applications, and the achievements are transformed remarkably, which provides strong technology support for the development of the industry.

This discipline awards Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science and Technology.

II、Core Course

Course No

Course Name


Total Period



Algorithms with Complexity Theory



Spring and autumn


Frontier of Computing Technology



Spring and autumn


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