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Control Science and Engineering(081100)

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I、Brief Introduction

The discipline of Control Science and Engineering started enrolling graduate students in 1979. In 1986, it was granted the right to confer the master degree in “Industrial Automation”, doctoral degree in “Pattern Recognition and System Engineering” and “Control Science and Control Engineering”, in 1986 and 1996, respectively. In 1998, Tongji University was granted to establish the first-class postdoctoral research center in “Control Science and Engineering”. In 2003, it was granted to have right for PhD training in “Control Science and Engineering”, and in 2012, “Control Science and Engineering” was awarded the title if Shanghai Key Discipline (Class B). Recently, the first-level discipline (Control Science and Engineering) covers the following five second-level ones: Control Theory and Control Engineering, Detection Technology and Automation Devices, Systems Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, and Navigation Guidance and Control.

The facility is composed of 61 full-time staffs, including 21 professors and research fellows, 28 associate professors and associate research fellows, and 12 lecturers. In addition, some professors have been awarded as the National Thousand-Plan Talent, the National Outstanding Fund Scholar, the MOE New-Century Talent, the Excellent Academic Leaders of Shanghai, Shanghai/National Distinguished Teacher, the Dawn Scholar of Shanghai, the Scientific Star of Shanghai, the Distinguished Professor of Shanghai and Tongji University. Moreover, there are totally 23 doctorial supervisors and 61 master’s supervisors. The teaching staff group is mainly composed of young and middle-aged persons with 70% staffs under 45 years old. 59 teaching staffs are PhDs, including 14 from overseas and 45 from national famous universities, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Northeastern University and Southeast University. The College has created a conducive environment for teaching and research. It owns several key research platforms, such as the National Facility Agricultural Engineering Research Center, the 985 Embedded System Platform (Type II). It contains five innovative bases, i.e. intelligent robots, SCM (Single-Chip Microcomputer) technology, embedded systems, digital signal processing technology, network control technology, and establishes the training centers together with some famous companies around the world.

This discipline awardsPh.D. Degree in Engineering.

II、Core Course

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Non-linear System





System Analysis and Optimization




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