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Information and Communication Engineering(081000)

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I、Brief Introduction

The Discipline of Information and Communication Engineering at Tongji University originated from the subject of Telecommunications established by the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1940. It was granted the right to confer Master degrees in “Signal and Information Processing” and “Communication and Information Systems” in 1984 and 1996 respectively, first-level Master degree in “Information and Communication Engineering” in 2006, and first-level PhD degree in “Information and Communication Engineering” in 2018.

The faculty has 13 PhD Supervisors and 20 Master Supervisors, all of whom received their PhD degrees from top domestic or foreign universities. The Discipline has a strong academic research group composed of both mature and early-stage researchers, including 1 Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader, 1 IET Fellow, 2 EU Marie Curie Fellows, and 3 Shanghai Pujiang Scholars.

The Discipline conducts its research mainly in the areas of 5G/B5B, intelligent connected vehicles, intelligent high-speed trains, signal and information processing, and smart sensing, with particular emphasis on communication and information processing for intelligent road and railway transportation systems. Our work is supported by several key research platforms, including the National Research Center of Maglev Traffic Engineering Technology, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Embedded Systems and Service Computing, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Intelligent New-Energy Vehicles, Shanghai Machine Vision and Intelligent Computing Engineering Center, and the Ministry of Railway Station Computer Interlocking Testing Station, etc. We have established long-term postgraduate-level collaborative education programs with a number of American, European, and Japanese universities, and collaborative research labs and centers with several international companies.

PhD Degree in Engineering is granted upon graduation and postdoctoral positions are available.

This discipline awardsPh.D. Degreein Master of Engineering.

II、Core Course



Course No

Course Name


Total Period



Machine Learning Theories and Applications





Signal perception theory and application





Modern Spectrum Estimation Theory





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