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CAD Research Center

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CAD (Computer Aided Design) Research Center of Tongji University was established in 1998. The Center has a faculty of 14 persons, among which, 14% received senior professional titles and 28% received associate senior professional titles, 57% have doctoral degrees, 71% are under the age of 45.

Currently, the Center has more than 30 master and doctoral students in the direction of computer application. The Center has established cooperation with a number of famous international institutions and software vendors. Currently, the Center has cooperative research programs with Texas Tech University, USA, University of Helsinki, Finland, etc. in terms of business intelligence, public service and other platforms. Long term cooperation has been established with Autodesk and other companies.

In recent years, the faculty of the Center has published over 10 academic books and textbooks, over 100 academic articles on magazines and journals, among which, more than 20 articles are indexed by SCI and more than 60 by EI. More than 10 patents are authorized and over 20 software copyrights granted. Its main research directions include: CAx application system development, computer system integration, virtual-reality system, system modeling and simulation, digital simulation of ancient buildings, animation design, medical graphic images and so forth.

Department Head: LIU Xianhui     Email:lxh@tongji.edu.cn

Secretary :WEI Gang                    Email:weigang@tongji.edu.cn

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