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Department of Information and Communications Engineering

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Department of Information and Communications Engineering (DICE) is originated from the major of electronic message under Department of Electrical Engineering and was officially established in 2000. There are 32 professional teachers, 6 of which are professors, 15 are associate professors. There are 24 teachers who have a PhD degree, accounting for 75% of faculty members.

Currently, DICE enrolls 110 undergraduate students, 40 master students and 5 doctoral students each year. It has two undergraduate majors of Communication Engineering and Electronic Information Engineering. New undergraduate students may choose the exclusively English-Speaking courses of “Electronic Information Technology” held by Sino-Italian Campus. In the course of academic study, undergraduate students may have the opportunity to exchange in universities in Japan, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, and Finland and so on.

In recent years, DICE has published over 10 monographs and teaching materials. Meanwhile, it has also published more than 300 academic and teaching papers on related journals, among which over 100 papers have been indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP. Moreover, it has obtained over 20 national invention patents. The annual research funding of DICE is over RMB 5,000,000. DICE has achieved outstanding research results in the following aspects: Internet of things and vehicle networking, MIMO/intelligent antenna technology, theory and technology of broadband wireless communication, etc.

Department Head :WANG Chao       Email:chaowang@tongji.edu.cn

Deputy Head: WANG Rui                   Email:ruiwang@tongji.edu.cn

                       CHEN Yao                    Email:chenyao@tongji.edu.cn

Secretary :ZHANG Menghui             Email:tjmhzhang0607@126.com

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