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Department of Electronic Science and Technology

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Department of Electronic Science and Technology (DEST) was established in 2002 with a four-year undergraduate program. DEST boasts 36 staffs, among which 6 professors (researchers), 12 associate professors (associate researchers, senior engineers), 21 with doctoral degrees, which accounts for 58.3% of the number of the faculty, 1 Cheung Kong Scholar, 2 Special-Employed professors by Tongji University.

Currently, DEST enrolls 50 undergraduates and 30 graduate students each year. The Department has carried out talent exchange programs with University of  Erlangen, Germany, France Ecole Telecom School, University of Lund, Sweden, etc. Teachers from the faculty undertake the teaching of four English-Speaking courses in Sino-Germany Institute and Sino-Italy Institute. The teachers actively take part in international academic exchanges while work or study abroad.

The faculty of DEST has published over 100 articles on high-level academic research journals, among which, over 20 articles are retrievable from SCI, 60 from EI. The Department has applied for over 30 patents and10 out of them have been approved. DEST has published 3 textbooks, including 2 textbooks for “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Researches include circuit design, SoC and embedded system development, high performance CPU research and design, medium and far infrared sensing devices and its application, radio wave propagation channel, etc.

Department Head :TONG Meisong        Email:mstong@tongji.edu.cn

Deputy Head :ZHOU Junhe                    Email: jhzhou@tongji.edu.cn

Secretary :DIAO  Xueyang                      Email:Xueyang 18666595@tongji.edu.cn

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