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Department of Electrical Engineering

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Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) was developed from the former Motor Locomotive major of the Department of Locomotive Vehicle Engineering in Shanghai Jiaotong  University and was established in 1984. The Department boasts a staff of 40 persons, among which, 36 engage in teaching, including 6 professors, 17 associate professors (includes Senior Engineers), 20 has doctoral degrees, 6 are tutors of PhD students. All of the teaching staff has good professional quality and 28% of them have overseas working or study experiences.

DEE enrolls about 90 undergraduate students, 45 master students and 5 doctoral students annually. DEE focuses on the close link among undergraduates teaching, graduate students and PhD students cultivation. A 3 in 1 (engineering application, technology development and academic research) innovative talent cultivation system has been established. Currently, DEE has established academic exchanges and research cooperation with famous universities and research institutions from US, Canada, UK, Italy, Japan, etc.

In the past 5 years, DEE has undertaken 18 national projects, over 50 provincial projects and the total research fund reached 8 million RMB. In the past few years, over 300 articles were published, and over 50 articles are indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP. Over 10 monograph and textbooks have been published, and around 20 national patents have been granted. The main research directions include new energy utility and new electrical equipment, electrical insulation and electrical equipment diagnostics, detection and control of electrical equipment, intelligent electrical appliances and so forth.

Department Head :SHEN Xiaojun        Email: sxj999000@tongji.edu.cn

Deputy Head: WEI Li                            Email: weili@tongji.edu.cn

Secretary :TAO Yuanyuan                    Email: tyy.sem@tongji.edu.cn

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