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The Sino-German Research Center for Intelligent Science and Technology (CDFIWT) is the central contact point at Tongji University for Chinese-German research and teaching in the field of Intelligent Systems. The characterizing concept is the bilateral nature of the center; it supports Chinese and German researchers and students in their cross-national work. The center offers among others:

• Double degree programs (M.Sc.) for Sino-German Education

• Workshops and conferences for Sino-German scientific exchange

• Third-party funded projects for Sino-German research

• Networking with Sino-German companies for talent and technology transfer

The central research focus of the CDFIWT is about Intelligent Systems, which are able to interact with humans and the environment in real time while pursuing their tasks. The research focus of the center is therefore formed significantly along the classical controller cycle of such intelligent agents: Sense, Learn, Plan, Act. Learn more about the research directions at CDFIWT.

More informations about the offerings of the CDFIWT can be found in these Overview Slides (link to PDF).

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