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​5G and beyond - towards the tactile internet by Professor Ana García Armada

Time:October 7, 2023          Browse:

On September 28, 2023, the 55th Zhi·Xin Forum was held online, which was jointly organized by the College of Electronic and Information Engineering, Tongji University and Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems. Prof. Ana García Armada from University Carlos III of Madrid was invited to give a talk titled "5G and beyond - towards the tactile internet".


First, Prof. Ana García Armada presented the history and current status of mobile communications to date. Then, using the new 5G radio as a starting point, she elaborated on the main new features of 5G networks, noting that they are making a substantial technological leap in the realization of virtual and augmented reality services. After that, Prof. Ana García Armada analyzed in detail the current state of the art of the above technology and pointed out the methods of application, advantages, and disadvantages through the example of an immersive music therapy program based on virtual reality in a nursing home (AMATISTA). Finally, Prof. Ana García Armada pointed out that virtual and augmented reality technologies will lead to new interactions in the future (e.g., adding a haptic dimension), and that the realization of these interactions will require new functionalities to be provided by the mobile network, and that these functionalities will play an important role in the evolution of the mobile network towards 6G.


After the talk, Prof. Ana García Armada exchanged views with teachers and students on issues related to 5G and virtual augmented reality, and encouraged them to broaden their horizons and explore, discover, and solve new scientific problems based on their own experiences. This presentation further expanded the vision of our teachers and students and enhanced their awareness and understanding of 5G and virtual augmented reality technology.

Written by Zhang Hao

Photographed by Wang Yunjiao

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