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Computer Science and Technology

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Tongji’s Computer Science and Technology Major was founded in 1978 and offers a first-level doctoral degree program and has a first-level post-doctoral mobile station in Computer Science and Technology. It was selected as the development unit of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Computer and Information Technology In 2007, and authorized by MOE as a Computer Major with Distinctive Features in 2008. The Major passed the national engineering education accreditation in 2009. In 2010, it became one of Tongji’s first majors of MOE’s Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan. By 2012, it had ranked 12th in the third round of discipline assessment by MOE and entered the top 10% of the 120 participating disciplines in China. In the same year, it was approved as one of the first-class disciplines (Class B) among universities in Shanghai, and ranked as one of the Class A disciplines in the discipline assessment by MOE, and was among the top 10% of the participating disciplines nationwide in 2017.

This major cultivates talents as part of a comprehensive approach that combines morality, intelligence, aesthetics and diligence with computer science training. Humanities and social sciences, social responsibility, engineering professional ethics, an international vision and engineering practical learning experience are all key elements covered in the major.

The talents are expected to master basic knowledge of natural science, systematically understand computer science theory, computer hardware and software systems and application knowledge, and have a good command of relevant scientific and management knowledge required for engineering work. They are also expected to be able to solve complex engineering problems by applying knowledge and technical proficiency as well as considering economic, environmental, legal, regulatory and safety constraints. They are expected to be conversant in the areas of computer science research, hardware and software development, and systems management, and have ability in innovation, lifelong learning, environmental adaptation and team cooperation.

Core courses include: Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Formal Language and Automata, Principles of Computer Composition, Principles of Compelling, Operating System, Computer System Architecture, Computer Networks, Principles of Database Systems, Software Engineering, Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, Principles and Techniques of Artificial Intelligence.

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