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Artificial Intelligence

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Focused on research, development, simulation and the extension and expansion of human intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Major is set up to provide a ‘smart brain’ for the future intelligent world where human beings, machines and things are synergized. The AI Major at Tongji University is oriented to national strategies and the needs of transformation and upgrading of various industries. It centers on “intelligence” and features “autonomous systems” with emphasis on the learning and application of AI theories, methods and technologies with the intent to enable humans to develop intelligent machines.

Underpinned by the Department of Control Science and Engineering of the College, the AI Major offers both doctoral and master degree programs in the first-level discipline of control science and engineering. The Major began to enroll master students in 1979, approved to award master degrees in Industrial Automation in 1986, and doctoral degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems in 1993. The Major was authorized to award doctoral degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering In 1996. The Major was approved to set up a first-level post-doctoral research station and a first-level doctoral research station in Control Science and Engineering in 1998 and 2003 respectively. In 2007, the second-level discipline of Control Theory and Control Engineering was selected as a national key discipline and a key discipline of Shanghai. In 2012, the discipline of control science and engineering was rated as the first-class discipline (Class B) by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In 2018, MOE approved and supported the establishment of the Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems and in the same year the institute was approved as the Peak Discipline of Intelligence Science and Technology by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Core courses include: Advanced Mathematics, General Physics, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Process, Discrete Mathematics, Circuit Theory, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Advanced Language Programming, Data Structure, Signals and Systems, Optimization Theory and Methods, Algorithms, Embedded Systems (Computer Principles and Technology), Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Feedback Control Theory, Machine Learning, Introduction to Brain Science, Intelligent Chips and Systems, Image Processing and Machine Vision, Signal Processing and Intelligent Recognition, Intelligent Autonomous Robots and Systems, Data Engineering and Deep Learning.

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