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Electronic Information Engineering

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Tongji’s Electronic Information Engineering Major examines the principles and methods of modern information acquisition and analysis, and the design, development, application and integration of technologies on electronic facilities and information systems. It is a broader-based major that integrates such fields as electronic technology, information and communication technology, and artificial intelligence analysis. The major has set up courses around the undergraduates’ humanities, mathematical and physical foundations, and basic theories and skills in the field of electronics and information technology. In this way students can benefit from comprehensive research and development capacities in software and hardware design, data collection and intelligent analysis of electronic and communication systems.

Over the past 5 years, around 30 students per annum have taken part in this major. The faculty has a balanced age structure, including young and middle-aged scholars with profound academic attainments such as Shanghai's academic leaders, British IET fellows, EU Curie scholars and Shanghai Pujiang talents, as well as professional teachers with excellent engineering backgrounds, numerous teaching awards and rich teaching experience. The graduates have a wide range of knowledge, outstanding theoretical and practical ability, and are widely welcomed by employers. The employment rate ranks among the top 10 of all majors throughout the year.

Core courses include: Circuit Theory, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronic Technology, Signals and Systems, Communication System Principles, Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave, Computer Communication Network, High Frequency Electronic Circuit, Digital Signal Processing, Information Theory and Coding Theory, Signal Detection and Estimation, Intelligent Image Processing, and Embedded System.

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