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Electrical Engineering and Its Automation

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Electrical Engineering and Its Automation is a comprehensive discipline whose main research objective is the optimal utilization of electric energy. It covers the generation, transmission, transformation, control, storage and utilization of electric energy. Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Major mainly focuses on such fields as new energy power generation, smart grid, new energy vehicle, new rail transit and information control. It studies cross-integration between big data, artificial intelligence, Internet and other applied disciplines to design and develop various intelligent electrical facilities and systems, so as to efficiently solve scientific and engineering problems through practical applications. Relying on the university-college-discipline platform, the major focuses on the notion of "broader base", "practice-oriented" and "internationalization" to cultivate outstanding innovative talents who can meet national strategic needs and adapt to the technological progress of electrical engineering automation. In engaging in the research, design, development, education and management of electrical engineering and related fields, the talents should possess a solid academic foundation and display innovative thinking, a broad vision, strong dedication and social responsibility.

Tongji’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Its Automation was formerly known as the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and was established by Tongji University (Tongji Medical and Engineering School) in 1912. It is now affiliated with the Department of Electrical Engineering of the College of Electronic and Information Engineering. In 2011, it was selected as one of the majors in the Ministry of Education’s Excellent Engineers Education Training Plan, and in 2018 it passed the accreditation of China Engineering Education Majors. The Major is allowed to confer a doctoral degree in the first-level discipline of Energy and Power and to grant a master’s degree in the first-level discipline of Electrical Engineering.

Core courses include: Circuit Theory, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronic Technology, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave, Principles of Automatic Control, Microcontroller Principles and Applications, Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Engineering, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Principles and Applications, Electric Drive and Traction Control System, Principles of Relay Protection for Power System, Electrical Testing and Fault Diagnosis Technology and Electrical Facilities Intelligent Control Technology.

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