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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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Department of Computer Science and Technology (DCST) was first established in 1978 in Tongji University, which is one of the earliest institutions of higher education that founded such major. DCST was officially founded in September 1987. Currently, there are 85 faculty staffs including 26 professors, 14 associate professors, and 32 lecturers. 47 staffs own the doctoral degree. Over 25 faculty staffs have the overseas research experiences.

Each year, DCST enrolls about 200 undergraduates, 120 master students and 50 doctoral students. It has also participated in the training program for undergraduates of Sino-Italian Campus of Tongji University. DCST has also taken an active part in programs for postgraduates of Sino-Germany Campus, Sino-French Campus, Sino-Finish Campus and Sino-Spanish Campus.

In recent five years, DCST has obtained almost 200 projects and the total research fund has approximately reached to RMB 80,000,000. Moreover, teachers of the Department have published nearly 1,000 papers on important academic journals at both international and domestic level, published more than 10 books and applied for more than 50 national invention patents. Major research fields include: parallel and distributed computing theory and software, network resource management and scheduling model, concurrency theory and parallel process verification, heterogeneous information processing and collaborative technology of grid computing, semantic computing technology and so on.

Department Head: DING Zhijun       Email:dingzj@tongji.edu.cn

Deputy Head: HE Lianghua              Email:helianghua@tongji.edu.cn

                        WEI Zhihua                Email:zhihua_wei@tongji.edu.cn

Secretary:WANG Haorong               Email:whaorong@tongji.edu.cn

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