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United as One , Striving for More

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Yang Xianjin      Pei Gang




My dear colleagues, alumni at home as well as overseas, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, with the year of goat 2015 leaving us, and the new year of monkey 2016 approaching, on behalf of Tongji University we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been deeply concerned about the development and construction of Tongji University.
In the year of 2015,wholeheartedly adhering to the principles and policies of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a series of important speechs made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have been fully engaged in the implementation of the designs and plannings of those conferences, launching the campaign of being self-disciplned, failthfully exercising administrative tasks, carrying out the objectives of self-cultivation, moral integraty and entrepreneuship. With the socialistic values as a core, we do our uttermost to put what we have observed and planned into practice in the hope of fulfilling the dream of a first-class university in the construction of China’s socialistic cause.
In the year of 2015, abiding by the strategic development planning, we have accomplished a series of projects in uniting reform awareness, accumulating innovation ideas and strengthening motivation for further progress. Take some examples. The program Furthering Reform Strategies of Tongji University has been ratified by the Ministry of Education, and Tongji University Regulations has been implemented, followed by the progression of Tongji University systematic modernization construction. United as one, all people in Tongji have been striving for greater achievements in the cause of “a top university aiming at sustaninable development.”
In the year of 2015, all the relative undertakins have developed in an all-round way targeting higher college education quality. In the light of talents cultivation and trainning, the General Knowledge Course System has been further improved, and there has been greater developments for international studies programs, more progresses in college students’ comprehensive quality perfection as demonstrated in a number of influential contests and competitions honors and prizes won by Tongji University students, such as “the Challenge Cup”. With increasing students engaged in innovation and entrepreneuship programs, Tongji University students continuously enjoy high popularity in job markets.
A breakthrough has been made in the top talents cultivation program of Tongji University. Two Chinese professors and one foreign professor from Tongji University have been elected as academicians of Chinese cademy of Sciences, and another two professors elected as academicians of France and America respectively, followed by more top talents joining Tongji University. Four subjects have been elected as “Frontier and Leading Subjects” of Shanghai with the establishment of a series of significant scientific research bases and laboratories. What’s more, Tongji University has been listed as one of the top ten universities in winning the National Natural Science Fund. Professors of Tongji University have repeatedly won prizes in national scientific research competitions, elevating, as a result, the college education quality to a higher level. On the other hand, we keep on providing social services to all walks of life. So far we have made all-round strategic cooperations with such provinces as Sichuan, Fujian, Gansu with an output value of 30.5 billian RMB basing on “Tongji University Intellectual Circle”. We attach great importance to the principles of sustainable development and frugality of campus construction and operation. There has been a cultural boom in the course of college cultural construction and inheritance in Tongji, featuring spiritual motivation and cultural inspiration.
In the year of 2015, with such huge achievements, we are deeply indebted to all of the professors and staff members of Tongji. We feel greatly honored to witness such progresses obtained in all the undertakings of Tongji University. We are conscious of what we have accomplished as well as what we have not yet. Confronting challenges and chances, optimistic we are always. Let us unite under the flag of Tongji University, dear professors, staff members, fellow students, and alumni, whoever you are. A newer era for Tongji University is yet to come. Let us stay together and strive together, sail the ship Tongji University toward a brighter future.
It is the start of “Thirteenth Five-Year Strategy Planning Program” for the year of 2016, and the beginning of a deepening educational reform program of Tongji University. Based on the instructions of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a series of important speechs made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Tongji University will keep on carrying out the program “Thirteenth Five-Year Planning”, putting its designs into practice in the hope of making more achievements. Let’s work together for the dream of a first-class university of the world, and for the aim of serving people of the whole nation!
We are deeply grateful to all the professors and teaching staff who have done so much in the cultivation of students’ quality. We are equally thankful to all the fellow students who are the powers of the campus life. We give our thanks to each one of the staff members whose hard-working spirit enrouges all people to move on. We also give our thanks to all those who have been so concerned about the development of Tongji University. Without your support, we could not imagine how we can keep on going. Looking back, all the honors and prizes of 2015 belong to each member of the Tongji University family. With the year of 2016 approaching, we have every reason to believe we will make more.
With the bell of the new year 2016 ringing, we sincrely wish for brighter future for Tongji Univeristy, and a happy life to all of you!  

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