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1st CDFIWT Sino-German Workshop on Intelligent Systems

Time:June 27, 2022          Browse:

On June 24th the Sino-German Research Center on Intelligent Science and Technology (CDFIWT) has held its first scientific workshop. In the online meeting 8 presentations from Chinese and German researchers were held, highlighting current important research topics from the participating scientists. The goal of the workshop was do increase the visibility of Chinese and German research and identify possible shared areas of research for future collaboration.

The topics revolved around topics in the areas of interconnected systems, multi-agent systems and collaborative control as well as communication between heterogenous set of multiple intelligent agents. The shared interest of the participants lies in current developments around model-predictive control, enabling guarantees despite uncertainties, as well as data-driven control methods. These topics touch a wide range of possible applications from autonomous driving over unmanned aerial vehicles as well as robot systems interacting directly with humans.

In the meeting researchers from Tongji University, Technical University Darmstadt, Technical University Munich and University of Stuttgart and RWTH Aachen presented their research topics or participated in the workshop.

Written byJan Harder

Photographed byHao Zhang

Pre:"Recent Research on Intelligent Systems and Control" by Associate Professor LIU Lu

Next:“Intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRS) for 6G mobile communications”by Professor Jiangzhou Wang


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