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The 6th Tongji International Forum for Young Scholars - Electronic and Information Engineering Sub-forum is successfully held

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At 8:30 am on April 23, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 6th Tongji International Forum for Young Scholars - Electronic and Information Engineering Sub-forum, was held in Conference Room 305 of Zhixin Hall, Jiading Campus. Eighteen outstanding young scholars in the field of electronic and information engineering from international leading universities and research institutions attended the event and delivered stimulating academic presentations. Dean of College of Electronic and Information Engineering (CEIE) Professor CHEN Hong, Secretary of the CEIE CPC Committee WANG Jun, members of the CEIE CPC Committee and administration, and heads of departments/centers attended the event. Vice Dean ZHANG Hao chaired the Sub-forum on site.

At the conference room, Professor CHEN Hong extended his warm welcome to the outstanding young scholars from all over the world. She gave a briefing of CEIE’s history, teaching and research areas, its scientific research platforms and engineering bases, talent introduction platform and policies. CHEN described Tongji’s talent introduction policy in detail, indicating that the College would provide young scholars with a high-quality scientific research platform and a conducive academic setting and ambience. Meanwhile, she encouraged the young scholars to apply for various talent programs and welcomed them to join CEIE.

Two sessions on the Electrical and Electronic Control and the Information and Communications Computer were held, in which the eighteen outstanding young scholars gave inspiring academic reports in their respective disciplines. Participants explored topics under discussion, exchanged ideas in depth and built contact with the young scholars during the two sessions.

Tongji International Forum for Young Scholars is an important initiative for the University to attract outstanding talents from all over the world. It provides an effective communication platform for academic disciplines and outstanding scholars, which in turn helps introduce exceptional young academics and injects fresh vitality into the development of the College and the University.

Written by WANG Li

Photographed by SUN Xiaofei

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