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Data Science and Big Data Technology

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The Department of Data Science and Big Data Technology at Tongji University is a new engineering discipline approved by MOEin 2017. In September 2018, it begun to take in undergraduate students, aiming to produce high-caliber professionals with a mastery of big data analytical thinking and computer theories, an ability to integrate and innovate theoretical knowledge, computer technology and big data technology, and capability to conduct research on and development of big data.

The Department is rated as the first-level discipline platform of Computer Science and Technology and offers a first-level doctoral program and a first-level post-doctoral research station. In 2007, it was approved as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. By 2012 it was ranked 12th in the third round of discipline assessment by the MOE and among the top 10% in all the 120 participating universities in China. Also in 2012, it was approved as a first-class discipline (Class B) by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The discipline of computer science and technology has resilient foundations in the field of big data, and since 2014 it has developed a strong research direction in intelligent information processing which is manifested in the current discipline of Data Science and Big Data Technology.

Core courses include: Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Integration Technology, Operating Systems, Big Data Management Information Systems, Big Data Analysis Technology, Machine Learning, Computer Networks, and Parallel and Distributed System Programming.

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