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》 Contact Information

Name:Xu Zhiyu




Personal home page:

Title:Professorate Senior Engineer,Director of Experimental Education Center

》  Research Fields

Smart grid, electricity market

》  Courses

Electrical Machines and Drives (2021-)

Electronics and Digital Technology (2021-)

Modularized Electronic System Design (2013-)

Control System Design and Practice (2013-2020)

Power Electronics and Motion Control (2012-2020)

Principle of Automatic Control (2011-2012)

》  Projects

  1. NSFC General Program: “Blockchain enabled P2P electricity transactions in active-energy-agent community of next generation smart grid: behavior modeling, rules design, and complexity analysis” (No. 61973238), 01/2020-12/2023, program leader.

  2. NSFC Youth Program: “Information fusion management for the profit-chasing behavior of virtual power plants in future smart grid” (No. 71401125), 01/2015-12/2017, program leader.

  3. NSFC General Program: “Modeling and optimization of energy Internet supernetwork based on block-chain technology” (No. 61773292), 01/2018-12/2021, program member.

  4. National Research Foundation for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of China: “Supernetwork-based smart grid free market model and complex dynamic behavior” (20130072110045), 01/2014-12/2016, program member.

  5. Guizhou Power Grid Corporation R&D Program: “Intelligent operation mechanism and strategy regarding electricity market and Internet+”,10/2017-12/2018, program member.

》  Publications

  • Paper

  1. XU Zhiyu*, QU Haini, SHAO Weihui, XU Weisheng. Virtual power plant-based pricing control for wind/thermal cooperated generation in China[J]. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 2016, 46(5): 706-712.

  2. XU Zhiyu*, XU Weisheng, SHAO Weihui, ZENG Zhengyang. Real-time pricing control on generation-side: optimal demand-tracking model and information fusion estimation solver[J]. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2014, 29(4): 1522-1535.

  3. LI Boyang, XU Weisheng, XU Zhiyu*, LI Jiaxin, PENG Peng. A two-domain coordinated sentence similarity scheme for question-answering robots regarding unpredictable outliers and non-orthogonal categories[J]. Applied Intelligence, 2021, 51: 8928-8944.

  4. FU Min, XU Zhiyu*, WANG Ning, LYU Xiaoyu, XU Weisheng. “Peer-to-Peer Plus” electricity transaction within community of active energy agents regarding distribution network constraints[J]. Energies, 2020, 13, 2408.

  5. LYU Xiaoyu, XU Zhiyu*, WANG Ning, FU Min, XU Weisheng. A two-layer interactive mechanism for peer-to-peer energy trading among virtual power plants[J]. Energies, 2019, 12, 3628.

  6. ZHANG Jiahui, XU Zhiyu*, XU Weisheng, ZHU Feiyu, LYU Xiaoyu, FU Min. Bi-objective dispatch of multi-energy virtual power plant: deep-learning-based prediction and particle swarm optimization[J]. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9, 292.

  7. ZHU Feiyu, XU Zhiyu*, LYU Xiaoyu, ZHANG Jiahui, FU Min. A two-stage coordinated dispatch of wind power,thermal power and system load with multi-type demand response[J], Advanced Technology of Electrical Engineering and Energy, 2020, 39(1): 12-21. (in Chinese).

  8. XU Zhiyu*, JI Shufang, SHAO Weihui, XU Weisheng. A wind power integration-oriented strategy for optimal pricing and tracking control of electricity market[J], Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2014, 38(13): 51-57. (in Chinese).

》  Honors & Awards

  1. 1st Class Collegiate Course of Shanghai (2021)

  2. 1st Prize in Lecturing Contest of Shanghai (2016)

  3. Education Achievement Award (2nd Prize) of Tongji University (2020)

  4. Education Award of Tongji University (2019)

  5. Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai (2019: ZHANG Jiahui; 2020: LYU Xiaoyu; 2021: FU Min)

  6. Outstanding Master Dissertation of Tongji University (2020: ZHANG Jiahui, ZHU Feiyu; 2021: LYU Xiaoyu)


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