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》 Contact Information

Name:LU Jianfeng




Personal home page:

Title:associate Professor

》  Research Fields

smart manufacture, digital  twins,industry Internet and systems engineering. 

》  Courses

1. " Mechanical  Foundation ","Introduction to intelligent manufacturing  and intelligent factory " for undergraduate

2. "  Manufacturing automation equipment and system " for postgraduate

》  Projects

1. Major projects of  National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 71690230/71690234):  Optimization of intelligent plant operation to high-end equipment manufacturing  under the Internet and big data environment;

2. National Key R&D  Program of China(Grant No. 2017YFE0100900): Research on logistics  optimization and collision avoidance technology of intelligent factory  based on 3D real-time indoor location information;

3. Industrial Internet  innovation and development project: Research on industrial protocol  parsing technology and development of data conversion module;

4. Industrial Internet  innovation and development project: The construction of the industrial  Internet platform test bed for manufacturing business process optimization  by network collaboration;

5. Industrial Internet  innovation and development project: Test project of Yongyou Jingzhi  industrial Internet platform;*** etc;

》  Publications


1. Digital planning  method of intelligent factory and its application

2. UWB positioning  technology and application in intelligent manufacturing


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