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》 Contact Information

Name:LIU Min

Phone:0086-18964034528/ 0086(0)21-69588987-8672



Personal home page:


》  Research Fields

Intelligent Manufacturing with Human-Cyber-Physical Collaboration and Fusion

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance

》  Courses

Concept, System and Modelling Methods on Intelligent Manufacturing (for Master Students)

》  Projects

  1. National Key R&D Program of China "Network Collaborative Manufacturing and Smart Factory" special project, 2019YFB1704700, Research and development of network collaborative manufacturing key technology and platform for fine management and control of non-ferrous metal smelting process, 2019 / 12 / 01-2022 / 11 / 30, ¥13.51 million yuan, Chief scientist

  2. National Key R&D Program of China "Network Collaborative Manufacturing and Smart Factory" special project, 2019YFB1704701, Research on network collaborative manufacturing mode and open architecture of non-ferrous metal industry, 2019 / 12 / 01-2022 / 11 / 30, ¥2.55 million yuan, Hosting

  3. CAST-BISEE foundation from Beijing Institute of satellite environmental engineering, CAST-BISEE2019-022. Spacecraft health diagnosis technology based on domain confrontation learning, 2019 / 08 / 16-2021 / 03 / 30, ¥50000 yuan, Hosting

  4.  Major Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71690234, Intelligent factory operation optimization for high-end equipment manufacturing under the environment of Internet and big data, 2017/01-2021/12, ¥2.65 million yuan, participate

  5. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 61573257, Research on Collaborative Optimization and scheduling of maintenance services for MRO network environment, 2016/1-2019/12, ¥650000 yuan, Host

  6. [National Natural Science Foundation of China, 61173015, Service dynamic configuration and optimization method for equipment condition maintenance, 2012/1-2015/12, ¥570000 yuan, Host

  7. Key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 61034004, Data based optimal scheduling theory and method for complex production process, 2011/01-2014/12, ¥2.3 million yuan, Participate

》  Publications


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  1. Liu Min, Yan Junwei. Concept, system and modeling method on Intelligent manufacturing. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, April 2019, ISBN 9787302506249

  2. Liu Min, Li Ling, Yan Feng. Intelligent predictive maintenance. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, December 2020. ISBN 9787122370372


  1. Wang Zichun, Liu Qing, Liu Min, Wang Jingwei, HCP platform architecture system for fine control of pyrometallurgy / hydrometallurgy process of non-ferrous metals

  2. Liu Qing, Wang Zichun, Liu Min, Wang Jingwei, HCP manufacturing mode and architecture


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