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》 Contact Information

Name:ZHAO Xiaodong




Personal home page:

Title:senior engineer

》  Research Fields

Graphics and Image、computer vision、machine learning、CAD

》  Courses

》  Projects

  1. Central ministries and commissions,Public steel supply chain service platform,Project Leader

  2. Municipal offices,Research on space automatic measurement and simulation technology for intelligent manufacturing of escalator truss,Project Leader

  3. National Science and technology plan,Theoretical method of identification and mapping of multi-mode dynamic demand for personalized products,Project Leader

  4. National Science and technology plan,Research on Collaborative Manufacturing Mode and Common Key Technologies of Electrical Equipment,Project Leader

》  Publications


  1. 《Computer graphics-AutoCAD2004 edition》

  2. 《3ds max7 Chinese version quick start》


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Zip code: 201804

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