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》 Contact Information

Name:LIU Qingwen




Personal home page:https://winglab.tongji.edu.cn、https://lmqclare.github.io/Winglab/


》  Research Fields

 5G/6G, AI, IoT

》  Courses

Applied stochastic process

Information and signal  processing

Frontiers of computing  technology

》  Projects

1) Distributed laser  mobile charging technology for mobile communication equipment, National  Natural Science Foundation of China.

2) Research on the key  technology of millimeter wave communication in the fifth-generation  communication system, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

3) A visualized quantitative  investment teaching and research development system for financial transaction  big data, Ministry of Education Science and Technology Development Center.

4) The theory system  of resilience city facing to urban complex system and multiple disturbances,  National Key R&D Program of China.

》  Publications


1)M.Xiong, Q.  Liu*, M. Liu, X. Wang, and D. Hao, “Resonant Beam Communications  with Photovoltaic Receiver for Optical Data and Power Transfer”, IEEE  Transactions on Communications, 68 (5), 3033-3041.

2)M. Xiong, Q.  Liu*, G. Wang, G. B. Giannakis, S. Zhang, J. Zhu, C. Huang, “Resonant  Beam Communications with Echo Interference Elimination”; IEEE Internet  of Things Journal, 8(4), 2875–2885.

3)M. Xiong, M. Liu,  Q. Jiang, J. Zhou, Q. Liu*, H Deng, “Retro-Reflective Beam  communications with Spatially Separated Laser Resonator”, IEEE Transaction  on Wireless Communications, DOI:10.1109/TWC.2021.3062945

4) M. Liu, M. Xiong,  Q. Liu*, S. Zhou, H Deng, “Retro-Reflective Beam communications with  Spatially Separated Laser Resonator”, IEEE Transaction on Wireless  Communications, DOI: 10.1109/TWC.2021.3078808.

5)Q. Liu*,  J. Wu, P. Xia, S. Zhao, Y. Yang, W. Chen, and L. Hanzo, “Charging  Unplugged: Will Distributed Laser Charging for Mobile Wireless Power  Transfer Work?”, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, vol. 11, no.  4, pp. 36-45, Nov. 2016.

6) Q. Zhang, G. Wang,  J. Chen, G. B. Giannakis, and Q. Liu*, “Mobile Energy Transfer  in Internet of Things”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 6, no.  5, pp. 9012-9019, Oct. 2019.

7) W. Fang, H. Deng*,  Q. Liu*, M. Liu, Q. Jiang, L. Yang, G. B. Giannakis, "Safety  Analysis of Long-Range and High-Power Wireless Power Transfer using  Resonant Beam," in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, doi:  10.1109/TSP.2021.3076893.

8) M. Liu, H. Deng*,  Q. Liu*, J. Zhou, M. Xiong, L. Yang, G. B. Giannakis, "Simultaneous  Mobile Information and Power Transfer by Resonant Beam," in IEEE  Transactions on Signal Processing, doi: 10.1109/TSP.2021.3077799. 


1) A square concave  stepped retro reflector and its array, Xiong Mingliang, Liu Mingqing,  Liu Qingwen, Deng Hao, Fang Wen, Zhang Qingqing, CN109597155B, 2020.10.02

2) An access control  system for mobile power supply services, Liu Qingwen, Li Hao, Wu Aozhou,  Ma Zheyi, CN111148100B, 2021.02.02

3) A resonant optical  communication device without intracavity interference based on optical  frequency doubling, Xiong Mingliang, Liu Qingwen, Deng Hao, Fang Wen,  Liu Mingqing, Xu Mengyuan, CN110854657B, 2020.10.02

4) Wireless communication  device based on distributed optical resonator, Xiong Mingliang, Liu  Qingwen, Deng Hao, Fang Wen, Zhang Qingqing, Wu Aozhou, CN107911165B,  2020.06.26

5) A mobile optical  communication device supporting high-speed multi-beam tracking, Xiong  Mingliang, Liu Qingwen, Deng Hao, Zhang Qingqing, CN110838874B, March  26, 2021

6) A wireless energy  transmission system with electromagnetic echo excitation and amplification,  Deng Hao, Liu Mingqing, Xiong Mingliang, Liu Qingwen, Xu Mengyuan, Fang  Wen, Bai Yunfeng, CN110625582B, March 26, 2021


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