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》 Contact Information

Name:ZHANG Yichao




Personal home page:https:// dmb.tongji.edu.cn/member/yichao-zhang

Title:Associate Professor

》  Research Fields

 link prediction, modelling  of weighted networks, random diffusion on weighted networks, and evolutionary  games on networks

》  Courses

 Parallel Computing,  Database System Concepts, English for Computer Science

》  Projects

  1. National Natural  Science Foundation of China under Grant 61503285

  2. Municipal Natural  Science Foundation of Shanghai under Grant 17ZR1446000

》  Publications


  1. Zhiwei  Cao#, Yichao Zhang#*, Jihong Guan*, Shuigeng Zhou, Guanrong Chen.  Link Weight Prediction Using Weight Perturbation and Latent Factor,  IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Article in Press, DOI: 10.1109/tcyb.2020.2995595.

  2. Zhiwei  Cao#, Yichao Zhang#, Jihong Guan*, Shuigeng Zhou, Guanghui Wen.  A Chaotic Ant Colony Optimized Link Prediction Algorithm, IEEE Transactions  on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, Article in Press, DOI: 10.1109/TSMC.2019.2947516.

  3. Dong  Yang, Mengyang Liu, Yichao Zhang*, Dong Lin, Guanrong Chen. Henneberg  Growth of Social Networks: Modeling the Facebook, IEEE Transactions  on Network Science and Engineering, 2020, 7(2): 701-712.

  4. Yichao  Zhang, Shi Zhou, Zhongzhi Zhang, Jihong Guan*, Shuigeng Zhou, Guanrong  Chen. Traffic Fluctuations on Weighted Networks, IEEE Circuits and Systems  Magazine (Featured article), 2012, 12(1): 33-44.


  1. Modeling of weighted  networks and random diffusion, Tongji University Press, 2018

Software Copyright

  1. Jiasheng Wang, Yichao Zhang, Jihong Guan. The War of Strategies, Online time-involved  divide-and-conquer game platform software [short for: Strategy War],  registration number: 2019SR1276265, 2017.11.24.


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