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》 Contact Information

Name:LI Guangyao




Personal home page:

Title:Professor/ Doctoral supervisor

》 Research Fields

Computer Aided Design Analysis and Simulation, Virtual Reality, Urban Simulation and Graphic images.

》 Courses

Computer Aided Analysis and Simulation

》 Projects

  1. Virtual reality technology based power system maintenance detection simulation training system /InternationalCooperationproject

  2. Study on modeling and demonstration methods of lunar exploration environment/ 863 project of Ministry of Science and Technology

  3. Study on the relationship between the morphology and occlusal relationship of 3 d positive maxillary bone based on X-ray/National Natural Science Foundation of China

  4. Study on the mechanism of progressive mandibular retraction in adults by using rotation theory/National Natural Science Foundation of China

  5. Study on key digital technology of water environment's influence on building space environment/National Natural Science Foundation of China

  6. Image restoration based on image structure and logical visual cognitive analysis/National Natural Science Foundation of China

  7. Validation of A919 large passenger aircraft modeling specifications/Large aircraft special project

  8. Digital Marine geological network three-dimensional information service system/Geological and mineral special project

  9. Achievement presentation of skyline coastal zone comprehensive geological survey data/Geological and mineral special project

  10. Data mining customer service platform/Shanghai economic and information commission

  11. 3d animation production integrated management platform/Shanghai economic and information commission

  12. Yangshan deep water port power system maintenance test auxiliary simulation system/Shanghai economic and information technology commission

  13. Full digital power supply and distribution integrated simulation system/Shanghai industry-university-research program

  14. Big data analysis and decision-making platform for process quality of modern metallurgical enterprises/Shanghai industry-university-research program

  15. Analysis on the status and development trend of integrated decision-making technology for charging new energy vehicles for public transport/Shanghai industry-university-research program

  16. Research and development and application of secure industrial wireless network technology for programmable embedded electronic devices/Shanghai economic and information commission

  17. Vision loss tolerably group image video transmission theory and method/National Natural Science Foundation of China

  18. Research on mathematical 3d image diagnosis system of orthodontics/excellent young teachers program of Ministry of Education

》 Publications


  1. Chen Q, Li G, Xie L, et al. Structure guided image completion using texture synthesis and region segmentation[J]. Optik, 2019, 185: 896-909. (SCI)

  1. Chen Q, Li G, Xie L, et al. Structure constrained image completion by geometric transformation model and dynamic patches[J]. Journal of Modern Optics, 2019, 66(7): 786-798. (SCI)

  2. Li W, Li G, Yue W, et al. Realistic single-image super-resolution using autoencoding adversarial networks[J]. Journal of Electronic Imaging, 2018, 27(6): 063020. (SCI)

  3. Xie E, Zang Y, Shao S, et al. Scene Text Detection with Supervised Pyramid Context Network[J]. arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.08605, 2018. (CCF A类会议)

  4. Xiao Q, Li G, Xie L, et al. Real-world plant species identification based on deep convolutional neural networks and visual attention[J]. Ecological informatics, 2018, 48: 117-124. (SCI)

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  9. Pan Yuqing, Li Guangyao, Yang Li. Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Water Surface in Building Environment[C]// IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, (EI)

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  13. Tan Y, Zhou Y, Li G, et al. Computational aesthetics of photos quality assessment based on improved artificial neural network combined with an autoencoder technique[J]. Neurocomputing, 2016, 188: 50-62. (SCI)

  14. Mang Xiao, Guangyao Li, Jiang Y., et al.Image Completion using Belief Propagation Based on Planar Priorities[J]. KSII Transactions on Internet & Information Systems, 2016, 10(9) : 4405-4418. (SCI)

  15. Li Yi, Guangyao Li, Mingming Jiang.An End-to-End Steel Strip Surface Defects Recognition System Based on Convolutional Neural Networks[J]. Steel Research International, 2016. (SCI)

  16. Jun Xu, Guangyao Li. A two-stage improved ant colony optimization based feature selection for web classification[J]. International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, 2016, 12(6), 1851-1864. (EI)

  17. 周毅敏, 李光耀. 多重光照色差下图像平滑美化处理算法[J]. 计算机科学, 2016, 43(10): 287-291.

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  21. 李光耀, 秦洁. 建筑布局对空间舒适性影响的数值模拟[J]. 同济大学学报(自然科学版), 2015, 43(06): 853-858. (EI)


  1. 《Data logic of urban development》 Science and technology press

  2. 《Urban simulation technology》 Tongji university press


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