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》 Contact Information

Name:CHENG Bin




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Title:Assistant Professor

》  Research Fields

Multi-Agent Systems、Distributed Control、Event-Triggered Control、Cooperative Perception

》  Courses


》  Projects

1.“Research on Scalable Cooperative Control based on Intermittent Updating and Interaction”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Youth Science Foundation), 2022-2024, Principal.

2.“Research on Distributed Cooperative Control with Dynamic Adaptive Event-Triggered Strategies”, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (Sailing Program), 2021-2024, Principal. 

》  Publications

  • Paper

1. Bin Cheng and Zhongkui Li*, Coordinated tracking control with asynchronous edge-based event-triggered communications, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(10), 4321-4328, 2019.

2. Bin Cheng and Zhongkui Li*, Fully distributed event-triggered protocols for linear multi-agent networks, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 64(4), 1655-1662, 2019.

3. Bin Cheng, Xiangke Wang, and Zhongkui Li*, Event-triggered consensus of homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-agent systems with jointly connected switching topologies, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 49(12), 4421-4430, 2019.

4. Bin Cheng, Zizhen Wu, and Zhongkui Li*, Distributed edge-based event-triggered formation control, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 51(3), 1241-1252, 2021.

5. Bin Cheng and Zhongkui Li*, Designing fully distributed adaptive event-triggered controllers for networked linear systems with matched uncertainties, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 30(12), 3645-3655, 2019.

6. Bin Cheng and Zhongkui Li*, Cooperative output regulation of heterogeneous multi-agent systems with adaptive edge-event-triggered strategies, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 67(10), 2199-2203, 2020.

7. Bin Cheng and Zhongkui Li*, Consensus disturbance rejection with event-triggered communications, Journal of the Franklin Institute, 356(2), 956-974, 2019.

8. Bin Cheng, Zhongkui Li*, and Lincheng Shen, Distributed containment control of Euler–Lagrange systems over directed graphs via distributed continuous controllers, IET Control Theory & Applications, 11(11), 1786-1795, 2017.

9. Zizhen Wu, Bin Cheng, and Zhongkui Li*, Distributed adaptive tracking control for Lur’e systems with event-triggered strategy, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 51(5), 3263-3269, 2021.


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