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》 Contact Information

Name:YI Peng




Personal home page:http://ai-lab.tongji.edu.cn/person.html?module=yjgg&title=person&id_=12


》  Research Fields

control  and optimization, game theory, multiagent systems, distributed optimization,  robotics, unmanned systems, neural networks, artificial intelligence

》  Courses

《An introduction to Optimization》 Undergraduate Course

《Systems  analytics and optimization》 Graduate Course

》  Projects

1、China Association for Science and  Technology  "Young Talents Promotion Project"

2、 Shanghai Young Talents of Science  and Technology  "Sailing Program" project

》  Publications


Journal paper:

(J1) Peng Yi, Yanqiong  Zhang, Yiguang Hong, “Potential game design for a class of distributed  optimisation problems”, Journal of Control and Decision, Vol. 1,  No. 2, pp. 166-179, May 2014  

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of power systems”,  Automatica, Vol. 74, pp. 259-269, 2016  SCI  查是否   ESI  高被引

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Conference paper:  

(C1) Peng Yi, Xiangru  Xu, Yiguang Hong, “Algebraic analysis and criterion for blocking  detection of multiprocess systems”, 31st Chinese Control Conference (CCC),  pp. 1179-1184,

2012  EI

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