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》 Contact Information

Name:LEI Jinlong




Personal home page:https://cse.tongji.edu.cn/6b/8c/c15580a158604/page.htm


》  Research Fields

  •  Multi-agent systems

  • Online decision   making

  • Distributed and   stochastic optimization

  • Distributed and   stochastic Nash equilibrium computation

  • Stochastic approximation   and its applications

》  Courses


》  Projects

  1. National Natural   Science Foundation of China under Grant 62003240, 2021.01-2023.12.

  2. Shanghai Young Talents   of Science and Technology, Shanghai Sailing Program No. 20YF1452800,   2020.07-2023.06.

  3. China Association   for Science and Technology, "Young Talents Promotion Project",   2019-2021.

》  Publications


  1. Jinlong   Lei, and Han-Fu Chen, "Distributed Stochastic Approximation   Algorithm With Expanding Truncations: Algorithm and Applications", IEEE   Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 65, no. 2, pp. 664-679,  Full   Paper, 2020.

  2. Jinlong   Lei and Uday V. Shanbhag, "Asynchronous Schemes for Stochastic   and Misspecified Potential Games and Nonconvex Optimization," Operations   Research, vol. 68, no. 6, pp. 1742–1766, 2020.  

  3.   Jinlong Lei, Peng Yi, Guodong Shi, and Brian D. O. Anderson, ``Distributed   Algorithms with Finite Data Rates that Solve Linear Equations",  SIAM Journal on Optimization, vol. 30, no. 2, pp.1191–1222,   2020.

  4. Jinlong Lei, Peng Yi, Yiguang Hong,   Jie Chen, and Guodong Shi, “Online Convex Optimization Over Erdos-Renyi   Random Networks", Advances   in Neural Information Processing Systems,   2020.

  5. Jinlong   Lei, Uday V. Shanbhag, Jong-Shi Pang, and Suvrajeet Sen, “On Synchronous,   Asynchronous, and Randomized Best-Response schemes for computing equilibria   in Stochastic Nash games,” Mathematics of Operations Research, vol.   45, no.1, pp. 157-190, 2020.

  6. Jinlong   Lei and Uday V. Shanbhag, “Asynchronous variance-reduced block   schemes for composite non-convex stochastic optimization: block-specific   steplengths and adapted batch-sizes", Optimization   Methods and Software, pp. 1–31, https://doi.org/10.1080/10556788.2020.1746963,   2020.

  7. Jinlong   Lei, Han-Fu Chen, and Hai-Tao Fang, "Asymptotic Properties   of Primal-Dual Algorithm for Distributed Stochastic Optimization Over   Random Networks,"SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization,   vol. 56, no.3, pp. 2159--2188, 2018.

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