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》 Contact Information

Name:SHI Fanhuai




Personal home page:

Title:Associate Professor

》  Research Fields

 Computer Vision, Machine  Learning, Smart  Agriculture

》  Courses

Machine Learning(undergraduate);

Introduction to Pattern  Recognition(undergraduate);

Computer Vision(graduate)

》  Projects


》  Publications


  1. Zhiliang  Chen, Fanhuai Shi*. Robust Visual Object Tracking via Siamese  Network with Double Template Fusion[J]. Journal of Image and Graphics.  (Accepted)

  2. Yangbiao  You, Fanhuai Shi*. Short edge vertices regression network:  a new natural scene text detector[J]. Journal of Harbin Institute of  Technology, 2021.6.

  3. Zhuang  Qiang, Fanhuai Shi*. Dynamic update correlation filter tracking  based on appearance representation analysis[J]. Journal of Image and  Graphics, 2020, 25(06):1209-1220.

  4. Yuting  Wang, Fanhuai Shi*, and Xuefeng Tong. A Welding Defect Identification  Approach in X-ray Images Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks  (ICIC 2019)[C]. Nanchang, China, 2019, LNAI 11645, pp. 53–64.

  5. Yanli  Zhang, Fanhuai Shi*. Improved DSP Matching with Space-spanning  Scales and SLIC Superpixels for Dense Scene Correspondences (CCC’2017)[C].  Dalian, China, 2017.

  6. Fanhuai  Shi*, Jian Gao, Xixia Huang. An Affine Invariant Approach  for Dense Wide Baseline Image Matching[J]. International Journal of  Distributed Sensor Networks. 2016,12(12).

  7. Jian  Gao, Fanhuai Shi*. A Rotation and Scale Invariant Approach  for Dense Wide Baseline Matching (ICIC’2014)[C]. LNCS 8588, pp: 345-356.

  8. Fanhuai  Shi*, Yongjian Xi, Xiaoling Li, Ye Duan. An Automation System  of Rooftop Detection and 3D Building Modeling from Aerial Images[J].  Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, 2011, 62(3):383-396.

  9. Fanhuai  Shi*, Xixia Huang, Ye Duan and Shanben Chen. Part-based model for visual detection and localization of gas tungsten  arc weld pool[J]. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,  2010, 47:1097–1104.

  10. Fanhuai  Shi*, Tao Lin, Shanben Chen. Efficient Weld  Seam Detection for Robotic Welding Based on Local Image Processing[J].  Industrial Robot, 2009, 36(3):277-283.

  11. Xixia  Huang, Fanhuai Shi, Wei Gu, Shanben Chen. SVM-based Fuzzy Rules Acquisition  System for Pulsed GTAW Process[J]. Engineering Applications of Artificial  Intelligence,2009, 22(8):1245-1255.

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  16. Fanhuai  Shi, Jianhua Wang, Jing Zhang, Yuncai Liu. Motion Segmentation of Multiple  Translating Objects from Line Correspondences[J]. Pattern Recognition,  2005, 38(10), 1775-1778.

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  18. Fanhuai  Shi, Xiaoyun Zhang and Yuncai Liu. A New Method of Camera Pose Estimation  Using 2D-3D Corner Correspondence [J]. Pattern Recognition Letters,  2004, 25(10):1155-1163.


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