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》 Contact Information

Name:QI Peng




Personal home page:https://www.linkedin.com/in/ipeng/

Title:Associate Professor

》  Research Fields

Medical Robotics; Biorobotics; Soft Robotics; Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

》  Courses

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

》  Projects

  1. Precision Sensing Techniques and Sensorized Guidewire Integration for Robotic-Assisted Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Percutaneous Coronary, PI.

  2. Cognitive human-robot interaction of lower-limb exoskeleton robots based upon information fusion of multimodal EEG/EMG signals and its application, PI.

  3. STIFFness controllable Flexible and Learn-able Manipulator for surgical OPerations (STIFF-FLOP), 2012-2015.

  4. Topology Based Motion Synthesis for Dexterous Manipulation (TOMSY), 2011-2012.

》  Publications

  • Paper

  1. P. Qi, C. Qiu, H. Liu, J. S. Dai, L. Seneviratne, and K. Althoefer, “A novel continuum manipulator design using serially connected double-layer planar springs," IEEE/ASME Trans. Mech., (Regular Paper), 21(3), 1281-1292, 2016.

  2. P. Qi, C. Liu, A. Ataka, H. K. Lam, K. Althoefer, “Kinematic control of continuum manipulators using a fuzzy-model-based approach," IEEE Trans. Indus. Elec., (Regular Paper), 63(8), 5022-5035, 2016.

  3. P. Qi, H. Ru, L. Gao, X. Zhang, T. Zhou, Y. Tian, N. Thakor, A. Bezerianos, J. Li, and Y. Sun, “Neural mechanisms of mental fatigue revisited: new insights from the brain connectome," Engineering, (Regular Paper), 5(2), 276-286, 2019.

  4. P. Qi, L. Gao, J. Meng, N. Thakor, A. Bezerianos, and Y. Sun, “Effects of rest-break on mental fatigue recovery determined by a novel temporal brain network analysis of dynamic functional connectivity," IEEE Trans. Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, (Regular Paper), 28(1), 62-71, 2020.

  5. P. Qi, H. Hu, L. Zhu, L. Gao, J. Yuan, N. Thakor, A. Bezerianos, and Y. Sun, “EEG functional connectivity predicts individual behavioural impairment during mental fatigue," IEEE Trans. Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, (Regular Paper), 28(9), 2080-2089, 2020.

  6. Y. Sun, H. Feng, R. Ian, and C. H. Yeow, and P. Qi, “Static modeling of the fiber-reinforced soft pneumatic actuators including inner compression: bending in free space, block force and deflection upon block force," Soft Robotics, (Regular Paper), 2021, Accepted.

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  9. W. Li, A. Alomainy, I. Vitanov, Y. Noh, P. Qi, and K. Althoefer, “F-TOUCH sensor: concurrent geometry perception and multi-axis force measurement," IEEE Sensors Journal, (Regular Paper), 21(4), 4300-4309, 2021.

  • Patent

  1.  A fully autonomous venipuncture robot.

  2. A multi-tendon driven robotic catheterization platform.

  3. A sensorized guidewire design and integration for robotic-assisted chronic total occlusion (CTO) percutaneous coronary.


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