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Name:LIU Fuqiang




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》 Research Fields

  • 5G communication, intelligent connected vehicle and intelligent transportation applications

  • Applications of artificial intelligence in image analysis

  • ICT based innovation and entrepreneurship

》 Courses

Undergraduate course: Modern communication and information technology

master degree's course: Design innovation and entrepreneurship frontier

master degree's course: Design innovation and entrepreneurship competition

》 Projects

  1. Key-Area Research and Development Program of Guangdong Province, Grant No. 2019B090912002, Intelligent Connected Vehicle Pilot Demonstration Project, 2019.1-2021.12

  2. EU FP7, PIRSES-GA-2013-612652:Quality-of-Experience Improvement for Mobile Multimedia across Heterogeneous Wireless Networks,2014.7-2018.6

  3. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key Program), Grant No: 61331009, Basic Theory and Key Technology of IOV Cross-Layer Design, 2014.1-2018.12.

  4. APEC Project, Cooperative Forum on Internet of Vehicles (IOV) and Its Worldwide Application Implementation, 2013.4-2014.4.

  5. International Cooperation Key Project of Ministry of Science and Technology (Italy), Grant No: 2012DFG10280, Collaborative Research on Key Technologies of Digital Collaborative Design in China and Italy, 2012.1-2015.6.

  6. Enterprise Cooperation Project (HUAWEI Technology), Contract No: 08002450096, the Cooperative Development of Customer Experience Verification Method, 2011.9-2012.9.

  7. International Cooperation project (CISCO,GIFT#:2010-02216NRM), Service Access on Highway VANETs, 2010-2011.

  8. International Cooperation Projects (Japan Komatsu group), Grant No: 08002370080, Active Safety Applications for Komatsu Excavator Based on Internet of Vehicles, 2012.6-2014.3.

  9. International Cooperation Projects (American UTC),Video Surveillance for Intelligent Traffic Management,2005.1-2010.12

》 Publications

  • Paper(论文)

  1. Power control in D2D-based vehicular communication networks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 64.12 (2015): 5547-5562.

  2. Toward practical and intelligent routing in vehicular ad hoc networks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 64.12 (2015): 5503-5519.

  3. Routing in internet of vehicles: A review, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 16.5 (2015): 2339-2352.

  4. An efficient pilot scheme in large-scale two-way relay systems, IEEE Communications Letters 19.6 (2015): 1061-1064.

  5. Effective Coverage for the Connectivity of Magnetic Induction-Based Ad Hoc Networks, Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2015 IEEE. IEEE, 2015:1-6.

  • Monograph

  1. 车联网权威指南标准、技术及应用[M].北京:机械工业出版社2018.

  2. 数字视频图像处理与通信(普通高等教育“十一五”国家级规划教材,高等院校通信与信息专业规划教材)[M].北京:机械工业出版社,2009.

  3. Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (Enhanced GPSR Using Neighbor- Awareness Position Update and Beacon-Assist Geographic Forwarding in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks) , Springer, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-0851-3, 57457 Words, Dec. 2012.

  • Patent

  1. Vehicle Networking Data Transmission Path Selection Optimization Method Based on Electronic Eye, China, Patent No: ZL201310008178.6.

  2. Combined Codebook Selection Processing Method Based on Statistical Channel State Information Feedback, China, Patent No: ZL201010177380.8.

  3. Master Slave Base Station Selection and Switching Method in Cooperative Multi Base Station Network Environment, China, Patent ZL201010177382.7.

  4. Traffic Information Acquisition Method Based on Aerial Image, China, Patent No: ZL201010588880.0.

  5. Vehicle Communication Method and Device Based on Position Tracking and Multi-Channel Technology, China, Patent No: ZL200810042233.2.


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