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》 Contact Information

Name:WANG Jian

Phone:0086-13601758093/ 0086(0)21-69588911



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》  Research Fields

Industrial Big Data, Industrial Internet, Industrial Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Service

》  Courses

Advanced Operations Research and Systems Engineering Theory

》  Projects

1、The National Science and Technology Innovation 2030 of China Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Major Project, “Data-Driven Tripartite Collaborative Decision-Making and Optimization”, 2018AAA0101801.

2、The Industrial Internet Special Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "Industrial Internet Platform Big Data Analysis Professional Tool Software" in 2019.

3、Shanghai Industrial Internet Special Project, "Innovative Application of Big Data in Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Industry of Key Equipment of Iron and Steel Production Line" in 2020.

4、Key research project "Modeling and Implementation of Knowledge Service for Civil Aviation Research Project Requirements" of COMAC America Corporation in 2019.

5、"Intelligent Evaluation and Intelligent Diagnosis of Industrial Big Data" of R & D project of China Shipbuilding NDRI Engineering Co., LTD (June 2020 - June 2022).

6、National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Research on Dynamic Evolution Mechanism of Biological Heuristic Crowd Evacuation Instability Based on Entropy” , 71573190, in 2015.

7、The Major Research Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Simulation and Decision Support System for Regional Mass Crowd Evacuation”, 91324016, in 2014.

8、The National Science and Technology Support Program, “Intelligent Manufacturing Knowledge Base Organization and Management” in “Development of Process Software and Knowledge Base for the Entire Production Process of High Value-Added Products in the Iron and Steel Industry”, 2015BAF22B01, in 2014.

9、National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Research on Crowd Evacuation Model in Emergency Area Based on Swarm Intelligence”, 71273188, in 2013.

10、The Major Research Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Subproject of “Research on Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Plan System for Emergencies”, 91024131,“Research on Public Protection of Emergencies” in 2011.

11、The subproject of Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period, “Research and Development of Analysis Simulation and Integrated Management Platform for Power Generation Equipment and Automobile Industry”, 2006BAF01A46, “Analysis environment system of power generation equipment product innovation and Development Engineering”.

12、National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), “Multi-source and Multi-Dimensional Urban Traffic State Perception and Interactive Processing”, 2012AA112307, “Cloud Computing Technology for Distributed Multi-Source and Multi-Dimensional Traffic Status Information in Large Cities”.

13、The Informatizational Infrastructure Planning in Shanghai, “Integrated Safety Production Management System for Large Electrical Power Plant Equipment Based on Internet of Things” in 2013.

14、National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program)/ CIMS Topic Projects, “Protocols, Standards and Specification Technologies that Support Networked Manufacturing and System Integration”.

15、The subproject of Key Projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-year Plan Period, “Integrated Intelligent Transportation Technology System for Shanghai World Expo”, 2006BAG01A02, “Research on simulation analysis and evaluation system of Emergency Response Plan for World Expo”.

16、The subproject of Major Special Project of Shanghai Social Development in Shanghai, “Research and Development on Key Technologies of Shanghai Urban Comprehensive Transportation Information Platform”, 06DZ12001, “Research and Development of Urban Traffic Simulation and Traffic Data Mining Technology” in 2006.

17、The Informatizational Infrastructure Planning in Shanghai, “Research and Application of Key Technologies for Energy Optimization in Production Process of Heavy Equipment Enterprises”.

18、Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan Project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, “Research on Key Technologies of Digital Prototype of Gigabit Ultra Supercritical Boiler”, 12DZ1124902.

19、The Informatizational Infrastructure Planning in Shanghai, “Comprehensive Energy Management System for Large Passenger Aircraft Manufacturing” in 2012..

20、The Informatizational Infrastructure Planning in Shanghai, “Research and Application of Integrated Energy Optimization System for Design and Manufacture of HV/EHV Series Transformers” in 2011.

》  Publications


1、Zhaoping. Wang, Jian. Wang, Sen. Chen. Fault Location of Strip Steel Surface Quality Defects on Hot-Rolling Production Line Based on Information Fusion of Historical Cases and Process Data[J]. IEEE Access, 2020(8): 171240-171251, 2020.

2、Sen. Chen, Jian. Wang, Hongzhi. Li, Zhaoping. Wang, Feixiang. Liu, Shuang. Li. Top-Down Human-Cyber-Physical Data Fusion Based on Reinforcement Learning[J]. IEEE Access, 2020(8): 134233-134245,2020.

3、Jiaxin Pei, Jian Wang, 2020. Multisensor Prognostic of RUL Based on EMD-ESN[J], Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2020: 1-12, November.

4、Ruhan Yang, Yiru Dai, Jian Wang, Jin Dong. Humans-Cyber-Physical Ontology Fusion of Industry Based on Representation Learning[J]. Computer Science, 2020.

5、Jin Dong, Jian Wang, Zhaoping Wang. Automatic Ontology Construction for Human-Cyber-Physical Data Fusion in Manufacturing Domain[J]. Control and Decision, 2020,https://doi.org/10.13195/j.kzyjc.2020.1298.

6、Ao Du, Jian Wang, Weiqing Ling. Machine autonomy and human-machine joint multi-attribute decision method based on hesitant fuzzy sets[J]. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 2020,26(08):2099-2108.

7、Jin Cheng, Jian Wang. An association-based evolutionary ensemble method of variable selection[J]. Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 124, 2019, Pages 143-155, ISSN 0957-4174, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eswa.2019.01.039.

8、Jin Cheng, Jian Wang, Xuezhou Wu, Shuo Wang. An improved polynomial-based nonlinear variable importance measure and its application to degradation assessment for high-voltage transformer under imbalance data[J]. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Volume 185, 2019, Pages 175-191, ISSN 0951-8320

9、Jin Cheng, Jian Wang. Knowledge discovery for quality improvement in finish milling [C].// Chinese Automation Congress (CAC), 2017. IEEE, 2017: 4604-4609.

10、Fang Wang, Jian Wang, Xiaowei Chen. Modified ACO Evacuation Model Based on Evacuation Entropy [J]. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2018, 439(3).

11、Qiong Pu, Jian Wang, Secure SIP authentication scheme supporting lawful interception, SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, Vol.6(3): 340-350,2013.3 (SCIE: 000315405700007 )

12、Qiong Pu,Jian Wang. Secure verifier-based three-party password-authenticated key exchange[J]. PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKING AND APPLICATIONS, Vol.6(1): 15-25,2013.3 (SCIE: 000313413100002)

13、Qiong Pu, Jian Wang ,Scalable and efficient mobile authentication scheme preserving user privacy, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AD HOC AND UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING, Vol.12(2): 65-74, 2013.1 (SCIE: 000315943300001)

14、Qiong Pu, Jian Wang, Rong Yong Zhao. Strong Authentication Scheme for Telecare Medicine Information Systems[J]. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SYSTEMS, Vol.36(4): 2609-2619, 2012.8 (SCIE: 000306549000053)

15、Tongtong Yu, Jian Wang, Xiaowei Chen. Research on Bat Algorithm Evacuation Model Based on Entropy Correction[C]//IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering, 2019, 563:052023.

16、Xiaowei Chen, Jian Wang. Impact of Confusion Factor on Simulation of An Agent-based Panic Crowd Evacuation Model[C] //IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering, 2019.

17、Jian Wang, Yue Zhang. Enterprises energy-saving production dispatching optimization based on first-order hybrid Petri net[J]. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, Vol.18,No.5,pp.1011-1020,2012.5.

18、Jin Chen, Jian Wang. Data-driven matching method for processing parameters in process manufacturing[J]. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 2017, 23(11): 2361-2370.

19、Haoxiang Cheng, Jian Wang. Support vector data description based on fast clustering analysis[J]. Control and Decision, 2016, 31(03): 551-554.

20、Haoxiang Cheng, Jian Wang. Density-weighted twin support vector regression[J]. Control and Decision, 2016,31(04):755-758.



1、Jian Wang, Yiru Dai, Weiqing Ling. "Flexible Business Process Management System and Method",Electronic Industry Press,ISBN 9787121063114,2005


1、Sen Chen, Jian Wang, Weiqing Ling. An Intelligent Decision Conference Robot[P],CN111768773A,2020.10.13.

2、Hongze Li, Weiqing Ling, Jian Wang, Feixiang Liu. A production line inspection robot and inspection method[P], CN111768512A,2020.10.13.

3、Zhaoping Wang, Jian Wang, Weiqing Ling, Shuang Li. A scheduling system and method based on voice Q & A[P], CN111695763A,2020.09.22.

4、Evaluation method and device for health status of equipment components(2018111595189.8)

5、Method and device for remaining life of mechanical equipment(201811125938.0)

6、A method of modeling and simulation of multi-coupled hybrid process industrial process(201610567039.0)

7、A method of industrial big data integration based on Ontology fusion(201811253578.2)

8、An ontology based big data analysis method for suppliers(201811252063.0)

9、A method for analyzing the energy-saving potential of waste heat boilers based on big data(201610894682.4)

10、An optimization method for heating furnace process parameters for energy saving and emission reduction(201610979363.3)

11、Energy optimization method based on coupling model of enterprise production and energy consumption(201410838044.1)

12、Energy system optimization method based on the integrated energy model of the comprehensive hub (201410056365.6)

13、An analysis method of news event evolution based on time series distribution information and topic model (CN201410127095.3)

14、A Multi-dimensional Heterogeneous Traffic Data Integration Method (201510107469.x)

15、A design resource integration system for boiler virtual prototype design (201510107470.2)



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