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》 Contact Information

Name:WANG Yin




Personal home page:http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~yinw/


》  Research Fields

 Computer vision and  deep learning (most recently), computer systems and cloud computing  (past ten years), control engineering (Ph.D thesis)

》  Courses

Deep Learning
Python Programming Language

》  Projects

  1. Satellite imagery  analysis (NSFC fund, Facebook gift fund)

  2. Person and vehicle  reidentification (Shanghai Innovation Fund)

》  Publications


  1. Hui Chen, Fangqing Liu, Yin   Wang, Liyue Zhao, Hao Wu, "A Variational Approach for Learning   from Positive and Unlabeled Data", NeurIPS 2020

  2. Tao Sun, Zonglin Di, Pengyu   Che, Chun Liu, Yin Wang, "Leveraging Crowdsourced GPS Data for   Road Extraction from Aerial Imagery", CVPR 2019

  3. Shaoqi Wang, Wei Chen, Xiaobo   Zhou, Liqiang Zhang, Yin Wang, "Dependency-Aware Network Adaptive   Scheduling of Data-Intensive Parallel Jobs", IEEE Transactions   on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol.30, no.3, pp.515-529, 2019

  4. Andrey Goder, Alexei Spiridonov,   Yin Wang, "Bistro: Scheduling Data-Parallel Jobs Against Live Production   Systems", USENIX ATC 2015

  5. Yin Wang, Xuemei Liu, Hong   Wei, George Forman, Chao Chen, Yanmin Zhu, "CrowdAtlas: Self-Updating   Maps for Cloud and Personal Use", MobiSys 2013

  6. Hongwei Liao, Yin Wang, Jason   Stanley, Stéphane Lafortune, Spryos Reveliotis, Terence Kelly, Scott   Mahlke, "Eliminating Concurrency Bugs in Multithreaded Software:   A New Approach Based on Discrete-Event Control", IEEE Transactions   on Control Systems Technology, vol.21, no.6, pp.2067-2083, 2013

  7. Hongwei Liao, Stéphane Lafortune,   Spyros Reveliotis, Yin Wang, and Scott Mahlke, "Optimal Liveness-Enforcing   Control of a Class of Petri Nets Arising in Multithreaded Software",   IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.58, no.2, pp.1123-1138,   2013

  8. Xuemei Liu, James Biagioni,   Jakob Eriksson, Yin Wang, George Forman, Yanmin Zhu, "Mining Large-Scale,   Sparse GPS Traces for Map Inference: Comparison of Approaches",   ACM SIGKDD 2012, Beijing, China PDF


  1. System and Method for Providing,   by a Plurality of Schedulers, Differentiated Service to Consumers of   Distributed Resources, US Patent 7823154, 2010

  2. Middleware for Extracting   Aggregation Statistics to Enable Light-weight Management Planners, US   Patent, 8745637, 2014

  3. Composition of Services,   US Patent, 9009281, 2015

  4. Identifying Impact of a Traffic   Incident on a Road Network, US Patent, 9047495, 2015

  5. Updating Road Maps, US Patent,   9816823, 2017

  6. Generating A Non-Deterministic   Model of a Process for a Goal, US Patent, 9996795, 2018

  7. Systems and Methods for Providing   Quantitative Evaluation of Map Quality, US Patent, 10387722, 2019

  8. Resource Scheduling System   and Method Under Graphics Processing Unit Virtualization Based on Instant   Feedback of Application Effect, US Patent, 10922140, 2021


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