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》  Research Fields

  1. Signal Processing  in Communications

  2. Broadband Mobile Communications

  3. Digital Image  Processing

  4. Autonomous Driving,

  5. Communication Networks

》  Courses

  1. Principles of Modern  Communication Networks

  2. Introduction to Channel  Coding

  3. Topics on Communication  Networks

  4. Topics on Communication  Engineering

》  Projects

  1. Functional model and implementation   method of situation assessment for automatic driving environment cognition,   National Natural Science Foundation of China

  2. All-state parameter estimation,   complex environment perception and multi source information fusion for   intelligent electric automobiles, Ministry of Science and Technology,   China

  3. Research on Lightweight   Network Architecture for IoT (Internet of Things), Huawei Technologies   Co., Ltd.

  4. Proposals of personalized   recommendation schemes for mobile application platforms, Shanghai Unicore   Technology of IOT Co. Ltd.

  5. Coupling ambiguity research   on delay and Doppler frequency shift of time-varying movement among   MIMO system, National Natural Science Foundation of China

  6. Research on RF Performances   of Devices and Antennas for LTE-A Systems, ZTE Ltd., China

  7. Performance analysis of   RFID for Komatsu construction and mining equipment Phase II, Komatsu   Ltd. Japan

  8. Performance analysis of   RFID for Komatsu construction and mining equipment Phase I, Komatsu   Ltd. Japan

  9. Build-up Proposal of Radar   Simulation Platfrom, Shanghai Hanglong Electronics Ltd.

  10. Research on Key for LTE   Broadband Wireless Communications Measurement, Huawei Technology Ltd.

  11. Development of NC Systems   for Machine Tools, Shenyang Machine Tools Group

  12. Robust and efficient radio   communication systems for systems beyond 3G, Austria Exchange Center   and Ministry of Technology, China

  13. Research on Broadband Wireless   Communication Technology for City Early Warning Airplanes, Tongji University

  14. Video Surveillance for   Intelligent Traffic Management, United Technology, USA

  15. Robust and Efficient Radio   Systems for Very High Data Rates, Austria Exchange Center and Ministry   of Science and Technology, China

  16. Research on Digital Predistortion   for Linearization of Power Amplifiers in the 3rd Mobile Communication   Systems, Committee for Science and Technology Shanghai, China

  17. Digital Predistortion for   Linearization of Power Amplifiers in UMTS, Austria Exchange Center and   Ministry of Science and Technology, China

  18. Implementation of a Controller   for the Brushless DC Motor (BLDCM) with Microcontroller C167, Infineon

  19. Research on Speech Coding   of Low Bit Rate with MELP, Education Committee Shanghai, China

  20. Robust and Accurate Measuring   Approaches in Industry, Ministry of Education, China

》  Publications


  1. Cai Lijun, Ge Wancheng,   Zhu Zhigang, Zhao Xueling, Li Zhanhong: Data Analysis and Accuracy Evaluation   of a Continuous Glucose-Monitoring Device," Journal of Sensors,   vol. 2019, Article ID 4896862, 8 pages, 12. 2019. https://doi.org/10.1155/2019/4896862 (in SCI)

  2. Liushuai Hou, Huilin Yin,   Wancheng Ge, Qian Meng: High-Order Uncertainty of LiDAR for Environment   Perception in Automated Driving Systems. 2019 12th International Congress   on Image and Signal Processing, BioMedical Engineering and Informatics   (CISP-BMEI), 19-21 October 2019, Huaqiao,Suzhou, China

  3. Lei Ren, Huilin Yin, Wancheng   Ge, Qian Meng: Environment Influences on Uncertainty of Object Detection   for Automated Driving Systems. 2019 12th International Congress on Image   and Signal Processing, BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (CISP-BMEI),   19-21 October 2019, Huaqiao,Suzhou, China

  4. XIA Gesong, GE Wancheng:   Improvement and FPGA-Implementation of Decoding Algorithms for Polar   Codes. Communications Technology, 11.2019, p2611-2616

  5. YAN Yixuan, GE Wancheng:   Application of Cyclic Neural Networks in Point to Point Speech Recognition.   Communications Technology, 11.2019, p2659-2663

  6. Cao, Liling; Ge, Wancheng:   Ananlysisof Certificateless Signcryption Schemes and Construction of   a Secure and Efficient Pairing-free one based on ECC. KSII Transactions   on Internet and Information Systems, Vol. 12, No. 9, Sept. 2018, p4527-4547   (in SCI and EI)

  7. YUAN Ziye, GE Wancheng:   Research on Resource Management Optimization of Heterogeneous Network   in Vehicle Networking. Information & Communications, 05.2019, p93-95

  8. SHI Yuxuan, GE Wancheng:   Post-Quantum Secure Authentication based on HB+ Protocol. Communications   Technology, 12.2018, p2965-2970

  9. LI Yichao, GE Wancheng:   Design of the improved algorithm based on complexity of SCL decoding.   Communications Technology, 08.2018, p1797-1802

  10. JI Shengjie, GE Wancheng:   Application of the DMK algorithm to the chinese text clustering. Information   & Communications, 07.2018, p1-4

  11. WANG Zhecheng, GE Wancheng,   WU Ye: Analysis of the impact on coding efficiency introduced by the   parameters setting of video codec x264. Information and Communications,   02.2018, p40-42

  12. LI Linwei, GE Wancheng:   Design and optimization of dispersion compensation for coherent optical   fiber communication systems. Information and Communications, 01.2018,   p249-251

  13. LI Min, GE Wancheng: Modified   Successive Cancellation List Algorithm. Communications Technology, 08.2017,   p1620-1623.

  14. LIU Ye, GE Wancheng: Subcarrier-Allocation   Optimization in OFDMA Sysytems based on User-Capacity Maximization.   Communications Technology, 08.2017, p1638-1641.

  15. ZHU Haidong, GE Wancheng:   Heterogeneous Network Fusion Mechanism in Vehicle Networks. Communications   Technology, 08.2017, p1691-1695.

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  19. Wang Dong, Ge Wancheng,   Wang Yunguang: Development of a Health Care Information System for the   Elderly at Home. MATEC Web of Conferences, 2016 (in EI and CPCI-S)

  20. Yan Weijian, Ge Wancheng,   Yin Huilin, Wu Ye: The maneuvering vehicles trackin algoriyhm based   on interactive multiple model. Information & Communications, 08.2016,   p59-61

  21. XU Longxi, GE Wancheng:   A Rate-matched Coded Modulation for Wireless Transmission. Communications   Technology, 07.2016, p807-811

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  23. Dong Wang, Wancheng Ge,   Yunguang Wang, Liping Sun: Design of Intelligent Neonatal Ward Environment   Monitor System. The Fifth International Conference on Instrumentation   & Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control (IMCCC 2015),   2015.9, p872-875 (in EI)

  24. GAN Qiupeng, GE Wancheng,   WANG Liangyou, LIN Jiayan: Research on collaborative filtering algorithm   based on bleding similarity of properties. Information Technology, 06.2016,   p4-6

  25. ZHANG Zhongyao, GE Wancheng,   WANG Liangyou, LIN Jiayan: Research and implementation of Chinese words   segmentation based in MMSEG algorithm. Information Technology, 06.2016,   p17-20

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  27. ZHAO Han, GE Wancheng:   D2D Communication Network-Oriented Collision Correction and Cross-Layer   Adaptive Mechanism. Communications Technology, 05.2016, p603-607

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